Is anyone having problems posting to the forum?

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Postby Circuitmaster » Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:49 am

I couldn't access this site for the last ten days or so.. at all. Wierdness..
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Postby bitsa » Wed Aug 09, 2006 4:39 pm

Farzad wrote:
NooDle wrote:Did *someone* forget to pay the bills?


Yes mother I forgot but they also don't remind me, they just suspend the account. Nice customer service.

Not hosted by the FIA is it? :twisted:

Glad there was a good reason. I was having withdrawl symptoms. Guess I was missing Jeremy :oops:

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Postby Gavin » Fri Aug 11, 2006 8:28 am

Of late (since a week) whenever IE loads the fmb homepage, Adobe Acrobat (handle) loads up as a default, sometimes causing the page to remain stuck and not load. ANyone have any ideas?
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Postby NooDle » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:01 am

Today, I can see and post as usual, but it takes a loooooooooooooooooooooong time to open a thread (several minutes).
Same goes for posting a reply.

All works though
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Postby Picci » Wed Oct 04, 2006 1:26 pm

Today I just couldn't enter at all. I kept getting Error 500 or something. All I could see was the Index.
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