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Adelaide 1993

Ayrton Senna: © Rainer Nyberg
Senna & Prost: © Rainer Nyberg

This was the last race of the season, the championship already won and over by the Legendary Alain Prost, this saw the last races by other GP Stars, Brit Derek Warwick, and goodbye to the Lola-Ferrari team, who showed much potential at the start of the season. This for me was a memorable Grand Prix, Alain Prost was not bothered, he’d done his work for the Season, Damon Hill was out for a 4th Win for his first season, Schumacher out for his 3rd of his career, and Ayrton Senna, just there to show Alain, that he was still the fastest, Prior to the race meeting, Ayrton signed for Williams for the 1994 season.

Qualifying saw Senna, Prost, Hill, Schumacher, Hakkinen and Berger… in that order, they lined up for the grid on a very hot Sunday afternoon, Senna got the better of the 2 Williams behind him, and sped off into the lead, persued closely by the 2 Williams, Pedro Lamy was the first to retire, spun at turn one in the middle of the pack, Derek Warwick, who was suffering with illness, had a tough weekend, spinning over the kerbs during the race, Eddie Irvine crashed out a little later, so then he wouldn’t be a problem to Ayrton Senna, who in the Previous race at Japan, un-lapped himself chasing Hill, from Senna, Senna thumped him for this! We saw the first of the Notorious "Hill vs Schumacher" Era that we all grew to love, Hakkinen making a great race in the McLaren, and Senna, leading from the start, there were a few spins, JJ Lehto deciding to try and see if his Footwork Mugen could fly, Hill making a spin late in the race, only just missing Martin Brundle coming round from the spin. The race itself was hot, long… Senna, showed everyone exactly how to do it, he won. He was never challenged… Prost came in 2nd just 9.3 seconds behind, Hill 3rd and Alesi 4th, Berger came in 5th with Martin Brundle in 6th.

Ayrton showed his Skill, in an underpowered McLaren, the Engine they had hoped for never arrived, Ford had let them down, But Senna showed them all, he was the best ...


Start of the 1993 Australian Grand Prix
[2.3Mb MPEG]

In my mind this is the best Race ever for Senna, although it was a street circuit, it was what he did that stuck in my mind, from start to finish, no one can do that today, no matter how good they seem to be, but little did we know, at this time, this was the last race Senna would ever win, his Long rivalry with Alain ended, with Hill aswell, on the 1st step of the Podium, it was something to remember. The end of Ayrton at McLaren, to move to bigger, and better things.

It was the end of the season, Alain Prost scored 7 wins and the world title, Senna scored 5 in all with his McLaren, Hill had scored 3, and Schumacher just 1, Senna then, was the 2nd best driver ever to grace a Formula 1 race, just Fangio had scored more wins, Truly this was something that a person only see’s once a lifetime.

The race will never leave my mind, as being the one Senna fought most for, from qualifying, start to finish, he was the best there ever will be in a race, it didn’t matter to Senna, the car was to the limit, powerful or not, he was skilled, I couldn’t name another driver like that today.

Credits: Written by Spencer Guest